HyRAP® Overview

Why Use HyRAP® Hot Mix Asphalt?
Aging Infrastructure? This is a common concern in cities throughout Southern California. Addressing it in an efficient way, while achieving ambitious environmental goals, is challenging. HyRAP® hot mix asphalt composite layering systems are the solution—allowing for improved preservation technologies, manageable life-cycle costs, and environmental and constituent benefits.

Conventional hot mix asphalt, which is generally used on our local streets for resurfacing and repairs, is a combination of virgin aggregate and paving grade asphalt oil. Mining aggregate generates a significant amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, commonly referred to as greenhouse gases (GHG’s).

HyRAP® hot mix asphalt is produced almost entirely using recycled grindings and a rejuvenator resulting in a significant reduction of virgin aggregate (a reduction of up to 100%) and a reduction in petroleum products (upwards to 70%); allowing for the preservation of our natural resources.

HyRAP® hot mix asphalt has shown to be superior to traditional hot mix asphalt in its life cycle and testing results.