Project Overview

Huntington Park Uses HyRAP® Hot Mix Asphalt to Improve Streets, Limit Air Dust Pollution

The City of Huntington Park recently completed its first HyRAP® Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) on Asphalt Rubber Aggregate Membrane (ARAM) project on several of its streets. The City’s Public Works & Community Development Departments decided to use HyRAP® HMA on ARAM for several reasons, all focused on providing the best results for their residents.

Using HyRAP® HMA on ARAM allowed Huntington Park to stretch its paving budget and pave additional streets.

HyRAP® HMA on ARAM is another tool in our toolbox for pavement preservation in Huntington Park,” explained Community Development Director Steve Forster. “I first saw the successful use of the product in nearby Montebello and was confident that it would work well for us too.

In addition to saving money, using HyRAP® HMA on ARAM limited the amount of dust impacting neighborhoods. Traditional grinding (cold planing) of existing pavements, combined with sometimes several days between grinding and repaving, produces substantial dust in neighborhoods. The HyRAP® HMA on ARAM process limits the amount of grinding and also restores the street almost immediately, eliminating days of dust in neighborhoods.

"We see a lot of benefits to our residents with HyRAP® HMA on ARAM; the inconvenience to our residents for a significantly shorter period, less dust in the air, and great drivability."
Steve Forster, Community Development Director
City of Huntington Park

Steve Forster was Public Works Director for 23 years in the City of La Mirada and made this comparison: “Huntington Park is also a uniquely dense city, it is 3 square miles with 70-80,000 residents, La Mirada is 8 square miles with 50,000 people.” For this reason, street parking is a commodity in the City. The ability to quickly repave streets with HyRAP® HMA on ARAM allowed Huntington Park to return the streets, and much needed parking spaces, back to its residents much faster than traditional repaving.

The City is also one of the region’s oldest, at almost 100 years old, with infrastructure up to five decades old (See Historical Note below). As such, the city streets show their age through the many utility cuts and patch work commonly seen. By using HyRAP® HMA on ARAM, the City was able to cover these defects and present its residents with streets that look like new and drive like new.

Forster went on to say, ”We see a lot of benefits to our residents with HyRAP® HMA on ARAM; the inconvenience to our residents for a significantly shorter period, less dust in the air, and great drivability.” He added, “The type of material and quality control of the project limited the types of tracking we see in traditional repaving. Finally, the environmental benefits of using fewer trucks, not having to landfill more grindings, and the use of fully recycled materials makes it perfectly clear that this is not your grandfather’s paving material.”

Conventional hot mix asphalt is a combination of virgin aggregate and paving grade asphalt (oil). HyRAP® is produced almost entirely using recycled asphalt and petroleum rejuvenators – resulting in a reduction of 100% of virgin aggregate and 70% in petroleum products. Paving streets with HyRAP® Composite Layering Systems significantly reduces an agency’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need to mine and transport virgin aggregate and oil and preventing reusable asphalt grindings from being sent to California landfills or stored in our local communities.


Huntington Park's Before and After HyRAP® Street Views