Manhole Adjusting Inc. (MAI) produces and sells fully-sustainable HyRAP® Hot Mix Asphalt in Southern California—continuing its long legacy of implementing groundbreaking products and techniques and utilizing “TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY FOR TODAY’S PROBLEMS!”®

Established in 1978, MAI performed specialty paving projects, mainly small, difficult freeway paving, along with utility adjustments. Since that time, the company has evolved to several divisions performing a variety of construction services.

Beginning in 1987, MAI pioneered the routine use of Asphalt-Rubber systems in Southern California. Since then, the company has applied over 51 million square yards of Asphalt-Rubber Aggregate Membrane (ARAM) and produced over 5 million tons of Asphalt-Rubber Hot Mix (ARHM). The company was instrumental in pioneering Asphalt-Rubber composite layering systems, which are routinely used by many public works agencies in Southern California, as well as Caltrans.

MAI has extensive experience in the production of hot mix asphalt materials, by way of its affiliate company, Aggregate Products Inc. (API), the largest producer of hot mix asphalt materials in Imperial County, CA.