It’s Crazy to Put
RAP in a Landfill

Millions of tons of asphalt pavement end up in landfills each year, and to many, including Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee, it’s crazy to put asphalt pavement in a landfill. We, along with Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, agree. That’s why MAI HyRAP® seeks to prevent asphalt pavement from ending up in landfills, and instead repurposes, what would otherwise be landfill waste, into new environmentally sustainable roads. To hear more about what Secretary Buttigieg had to say, please click button below.
case study

City of Montebello
Success Story

City of Montebello
Success Story

HyRAP® Benefits

Using HyRAP® hot mix asphalt has many benefits such as benefits to the environment and to the community.


HyRAP® hot mix asphalt recycles, what otherwise would have been landfill waste, and repurposes it into beautiful sustainable new streets. Thereby reducing landfill waste and helping conserve natural resources.


The application of a HyRAP® hot mix asphalt overlay system allows two distinct products to be applied at thin levels and avoids costly total street reconstruction. The avoidance of street reconstruction, allows for more streets, residents, and businesses to be served with new sustainable streets.

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