Project Overview

Following the recent successful project in Montebello, the City of Riverside recently completed a HyRAP® ARAM project, becoming the first Inland Empire City to use the advanced paving process. Riverside paved a total of 20-streets (12.44 lane miles) as part of the project, both in residential and industrial neighborhoods.

"I was impressed with the quality of the resurfaced pavement project that I saw when I visited with the staff in the field. Their 100% sustainable products holds great potential and I look forward to seeing how it performs over the next few years."
Chuck Conder
Riverside City Councilmember
“The City’s Strategic Priority Goals focus in part on Environmental Stewardship, High Performing Government, and Infrastructure, Mobility, and Connectivity. Upon learning of sustainable asphalt, the Public Works Department supported a pilot project for its use,” explained Gilbert Hernandez, Deputy Director/ City Engineer, Public Works Department for the City of Riverside. “Now that the project is complete, I am impressed with the smoothness and rideability of the streets and look forward to their performance in years to come. Delivering optimum streets to our residents while implementing sustainable solutions that reduce the impacts on our environment are wins for the community and our future.”


City of Riverside's Before and After HyRAP® Street Views