Environmental Benefits

  • HyRAP® Hot Mix Asphalt is 100% sustainable.
  • At a time when greenhouse gases (GHG) need to be reduced, HyRAP® significantly reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Paving our streets with HyRAP® limits refining new crude oil. In fact, HyRAP® REUSES the paving grade asphalt oil from old streets (by way of reclaimed asphalt pavement grindings) and incorporates it to make new streets.
  • Paving our streets with HyRAP® eliminates the need to mine new sand and rock (commonly referred to as “aggregates”). A typical mining facility produces 23,264 – 93,057 pounds of GHG per day.
  • Paving our streets with HyRAP® prevents old asphalt grindings from being sent to our local landfills or, sometimes worse, being stored in our communities leading to “black dust” and poor air quality.
  • Paving our streets with HyRAP® reduces emissions and truck traffic (commonly referred to as vehicle miles traveled or “VMT”) generated by hauling traditional hot mix asphalt, and its ingredients, over long distances.
  • HyRAP® Hot Mix Asphalt, a “Perpetual Paving Strategy” that can be cold milled, reprocessed, and repurposed multiple times over.