Project Overview

Cities throughout Southern California continue to struggle with aging streets, limited budgets and looming environmental mandates.  The City of Montebello recently confronted those challenges head-on with its innovative street infrastructure project. With a $5.4M budget, Montebello originally planned to reconstruct 35 residential streets. Instead of full reconstruction, Montebello paved their streets using the HyRAP® ARAM Cape Seal as an alternative. Montebello paved 78 streets (more than 35 centerline miles) with the same budget, taking care of more residents and saving 40%.

In May of 2020, Montebello became the first California city to use the advanced paving process, HyRAP® Hot Mix Asphalt (HyRAP®) as part of a Composite Layering System on an Asphalt-Rubber Aggregate Membrane (ARAM). While conventional hot mix asphalt is a combination of virgin aggregate and paving grade asphalt oil, HyRAP® is produced almost entirely using recycled asphalt and petroleum rejuvenators – resulting in a reduction of 100% of virgin aggregate and 70% in petroleum products.

"The condition of the streets in Montebello were poor, with hundreds of miles of road with serious deterioration, water damage, and pot holes. Using HyRAP® saved the City 40% on what it would have cost to reconstruct the streets."
Rene Bobadilla
City Manager

Paving streets with HyRAP® Composite Layering Systems significantly reduces an agency’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need to mine and transport virgin aggregate and preventing reusable asphalt grindings from being sent to California landfills or stored in our local communities.  In addition to the environmental benefits of HyRAP® and scrap tire use in the ARAM, Montebello residents also received the benefit of fewer neighborhood impacts during the repaving process. Generally, the time a street is closed for repairs drops from weeks to days when using HyRAP®   Composite Layering Systems.  Residents will also reap the long-term benefits of the HyRAP® Composite Layering Systems, which lasts longer than solely conventional hot mix asphalt, resulting in less frequent street-closures needed to maintain and repair the streets.

“The pavement process was very fast, with each step taking a day rather than weeks and traffic was allowed back on affected streets at the end of each work day,” said Montebello Mayor Kimberly Ann Cobos-Cawthorne. “We have more streets to do so we are working hard to get the funding in place for more HyRAP® Composite Layering System projects throughout the City.  Any other cities that are looking for innovative and environmental sound ways to repave their streets must consider HyRAP® Composite Layering Systems.”


Montebello's Before and After HyRAP® Street Views
Montebello's Paving the Way Celebration Finale